About Plexense...

Since its foundation in 2012, Plexense, Inc. has specialized in the development and production of rapid and cost effective immunoassay platform for clinical, food and life sciences testing. Out proprietary technology, ACCEL ELISA, provides up to 40X increase in sensitivity compared to conventional techniques. Results can be achieved in less than 45 minutes with a simplified one-wash protocol.

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ACCEL ELISA excels in screening small molecule, hormones, residual compounds or biomarkers with its high throughput homogeneous assay, outperforming traditional ELISA, mass spectrometry and HPLC.


We are constantly developing new applications by working with government agencies, commercial organizations, and academic partners. Some agencies currently using our products include USDA-ARS, the University of California at Davis and University Hospitals in Korea. We are able to offer customized screening kits with improved speed and sensitivity to serve the client's specific needs within a couple of weeks of lead time. Plexense, Inc. is located in Davis, CA and Yongin, Korea and serves our customers worldwide.